Lady Cora Grantham

Of Downton Abbey


Meet the lovely young American heiress and matron of Downton Abbey, 32” Lady Cora Grantham. Standing on a custom marble base; with soft brown painted eyes and deep auburn hair, she is the epitome of grace and beauty. Cora Grantham is a lady whose character qualities are like the women in chapter 31 in Proverbs. She is a virtuous, wise, strong, kind and diligent woman. Her steadfast love for her family; and genuine concern for others that may come into her life is truly admirable and inspirational. Lady Grantham’s one of a kind 1900’s evening gown is in rich shades of blue, dove gray and silver silks with beaded trim. Blue and silver mules compliment her gown while a gorgeous headpiece and silver fox wrap complete her high society fashion couture.