Claire Randall


    Meet beautiful, strong willed Claire Randall; the heroine of an exciting saga from the book and popular television series “Outlander” by author Diana Gabaldon. Claire is a highly trained British nurse at the end of WWII in England. She is recently reunited with her husband Frank. They decided to go on a second honeymoon traveling to the ancient ruins of  Craigh na Dun in Iverness, Scotland. As Claire cautiously approaches the ancient stones; which are believed to possess magical powers; tentatively placing her hands on the stones, she immediately disappears; leaving Frank in 20th century Scotland. Claire, in turn is transported back to 18th century Scotland! Where, she bravely endures numerous excruciating hardships and even remarries. Her new husband Jamie, whom she deeply loves is a  courageous, kind and handsome Scotsman. Her life in 18th century Scotland is truly bittersweet; judging from the expression of sadness and quiet joy on her lovely face. She seems to ponder how her life is going to unravel. Overlooking the Scottish Moors, she contemplates if she will ever return to modern day England; possibly even changing the course of family history.

      Claire has vivid blue painted eyes and soft raven hair. She wears the traditional Scottish dress of the clanswomen in 18th century Scotland; in shades of blue and umber wool, complete with copper suede high top boots. Claire stands on a custom inlaid stone base, trimmed in wood, designed especially for her. Watch the series or read the book, it will be an amazing adventure…albeit quite graphic!