I thought it would be nice to tell you a little bit about the dolls and my work.


My portfolio has examples of award winning one of a kind designs in original porcelain dolls. Often I am asked to make a particular doll for someone, a certain face and style, as well as personal choices in coloring and costume.


This is an exciting way to promote doll art...it becomes an

individual project...one made with tender care for that

special person that would never be seen anywhere else.


 The costumes for the dolls are made from fine fabrics, such as velvet, silk, taffetas and linen and always one of a kind in design.


The dolls have painted eyes, real lashes as well as painted ones, mohair and human hair wigs with handmade leather footwear. Some even have music boxes in the bases…that’s a nice touch for a favorite tune or melody to be played while

enjoying the doll.






Monica Reo Creations in Porcelain